Monday, October 27, 2008


Last year on my birthday (October 19), I went to Screemers, a haunted house type thing in Toronto. It actually has six different haunted houses. It's at Exhibition Place in a huge building. There are midway rides, a fortune teller/palm reader, an arcade and a Pizza Pizza. Last year they also had a show with a Criss Angel sort of man who did stunts where he could be killed (like putting a box on his head like the one in Saw).

I thought it was pretty scary, but of course the people I was with thought it was lame. They stamp your ticket at the entrance to each haunted house so you can only go in each once. At one haunted house, the ticket-stamper made me go in alone and I was terrified. There was someone dressed up as Michael Myers but I thought it was a mannequin...until he started chasing me. I pretty much ran through the whole thing. Another one is pitch black so you have to feel along the walls to get through. My friends and I fought over who would be the first to go through. And afterward they said it wasn't scary.... The fact that you don't know what's around the bend is what makes it scary.

I would definitely recommend Screemers for some creepy fun this Halloween. Admission is $28.50 plus GST, but you can print out a $5 coupon on the Screemers website (the coupon can't be used on Halloween). It's open the following dates:
Tuesday, October 28 7 pm - 11 pm
Wednesday, October 29 7 pm - 11 pm
Thursday, October 30 7 pm - 11 pm
Friday, October 31 6 pm - midnight
Saturday, November 1 6 pm - midnight

I've always wanted to go to Canada's Wonderland Halloween Haunt, but I haven't been yet. I've heard it's really scary. They have way more rides than Exhibition Place. Screemers only had three rides plus the bumper cars and the funhouse. Canada's Wonderland has tons of rollercoasters and their website says they run in complete darkness, which would be even creepier.

Their haunted attractions are mazes instead of haunted houses, according to their website, and there's 10 of them. And they all have a spooky back-story which you can read on the website.

There's also a show which sounds similar to the one at Screemers. Most of the restaurants there are open, or you could also buy a ticket for a buffet online. It's open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 7 pm - midnight until November 1. The admission is the same price as Screemers.

Even though I'm sure both of these are scary, nothing will ever compare to the haunted road I went to with my family. It was a sideroad in the middle of nowhere that you drove down in your car and actors would walk around banging on your windows and pretending to drag you out of your car. My cousin was pretty young at the time and an actor opened his door and tried to drag him out, making him start bawling.

And there was something in the woods that we argued about whether it was a person or a mannequin. So to settle it, I got out of the car and walked up to it to grab the mask off. But I chickened out when I was an inch from its face. My cousin argued that the person was waiting until I ripped off the mask to grab me. I argued that if I was an inch from its face, it would've grabbed me then. But we'll never know. It was shut down a few years later. I guess with actors dragging people out of cars, they could've been sued if someone was hurt.

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