Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I love BookMooch. It's a great way to get rid of old, unwanted books. And an easy way to pick up hard to find out-of-print horror novels. If you love to read, I recommend checking out BookMooch.

Here's how it works: you add books you want to give away, someone "mooches" them from you, then you mail it to them and receive point(s) which you can use to mooch a book of your own. For each book you add to your inventory, you receive 1/10th of a point. When you mail a book, you get one point for mailing within your country and three points for mailing to a different country. When you mooch a book it costs you one point if you mooch from someone of the same country, two points from people of other countries. Once you receive a book, you leave feedback and earn 1/10th of a point. You can choose whether you're willing to send to another country. It kind of annoys me when a book I'm dying to read becomes available and they won't send it to my country. Which happens a lot, unfortunately.

Since I'm from Canada, it gets pretty expensive. Especially to send within Canada for some reason. I prefer to send to other countries because it costs less and I get three points instead of one. But most of the books I have received are difficult to find, so I don't mind the cost. So far I've mooched 15 books and mailed seven. So the books have cost me about $5 each, since the average cost of sending those books was $10. Which isn't bad considering they would have cost $10 brand new.

If there are any horror fans who aren't on BookMooch yet, you should join so we can swap books.

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