Saturday, October 11, 2008


After publishing my post complaining about the lack of Thanksgiving horror, I remembered a book I read when I was little. It was from a series called Bone Chillers by Betsy Haynes, which was just a rip off of Goosebumps, but I loved it just as much. I'm not going to review it, since I don't remember much about it, I only recall enjoying it. Here's the synopsis:

"Kyle and Annie want to celebrate Thanksgiving like the Pilgrims. They want to wear stovepipe hats, bake their own pies-even raise their own turkey. Then they meet Frankenturkey!

Frankenturkey is big. Frankenturkey is bad. Frankenturkey is mad. If Kyle and Annie don't watch out, Frankenturkey will eat them for Thanksgiving dinner."

There's also a sequel, Frankenturkey II.

"Helping to care for a special new turkey in the pen behind their house, Annie and Kyle are amazed when every wish they make near the turkey comes true, but they are unaware that Frankenturkey has returned from the grave."

Sounds like good reading. Bone Chillers was also made into a T.V series, and I remember watching this episode.

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