Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Reading Challenges

Since I came so close to my challenge of reading 50 books last year, but fell a bit short. I've decided to join some reading challenges in 2013 to help me reach that goal this year.

Christopher Pike Reading Challenge

I love Christopher Pike and I'm so excited about this challenge. I'm going to attempt the Bury Me Deep level, which is 7 - 9 Christopher Pike books. I'm going to read his books I've never read and already own: Sati, The Listeners, The Cold One, The Blind Mirror, Falling, The Immortal, The Hollow Skull and his latest, Witch World (I just checked it out at the library and it's really good so far). You can sign up for this challenge at Midnight Book Girl.

Monthly Key Word Reading Challenge

In this challenge, there are keywords associated with each month and you have to choose a book with a title which contains one of the keywords. I probably could've completed this entire challenge with Christopher Pike books, but where's the fun in that? I've chosen only horror novels for this challenge. You can sign up for this challenge at Bookmark to Blog.

January: The Cold One by Christopher Pike
February: Valentine by Tom Savage (I think this is close enough to the word "love.")
March: Down on the Farm by John Stchur
April: The Light at the End by John Skipp & Craig Spector
May: Sparrow Rock by Nate Kenyon
June: Dead Sea by Brian Keene
July: Ladies' Night by Jack Ketchum
August: Come Out Tonight by Richard Laymon
September: Cry Wolf by Alan B. Chronister
October: Ghost Story by Peter Straub
November: The Long Last Call by John Skipp
December: After Midnight by Richard Laymon

Book to Movie Reading Challenge

I always try to read the book before I watch the movie. As a result, I own several movies and have many on my DVR waiting until I finally get around to reading the book first. Hopefully this challenge will push me to read these books and watch the films based on them. I'm choosing the Movie Aficionado level and will review 12 books and the movies based on them. You can sign up for this challenge at Doing Dewey.

1. The House Next Door by Anne Rivers Siddons
2. Cameron's Closet by Gary Brandner
3. Mother's Boys by Bernard Taylor
4. The Wolfen by Whitley Strieber
5. Coma by Robin Cook
6. Burnt Offerings by Robert Marasco
7. Twins by Bari Wood
8. The Glow by Brooks Stanwood
9. Phantoms by Dean Koontz
10.  Valentine by Tom Savage
11. Horns by Joe Hill
12. The Other by Thomas Tryon

Women Reading Challenge

This is a challenge to read more books by women authors. Since Women in Horror Appreciation Month started a couple years ago, I've made an effort to read more horror novels by women authors. I joined this challenge to ensure that I continue to read more horror books written by women. I've included a few non-horror books as well. I'm shooting for the Wonder Woman level and plan to read 16 or more books. You can sign up for this challenge at Peek a Book.

Books that cross over with other challenges:

1. The House Next Door
2. Twins

Other books:

3. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
4. Money Shot by Christa Faust
5. Thrall by Mary SanGiovanni
6. Prodigal by Melanie Tem
7. Sineater by Elizabeth Massie
8. The Auctioneer by Joan Samson
9. Smoke by Ruby Jean Jensen
10. Skin by Kathe Koja
11. Dead in the Water by Nancy Holder
12. The Ridge by Lisa W. Cantrell
13. Haunted by Tamara Thorne
14. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
15. How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran
16. Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson

Mount TBR Reading Challenge

I probably own at least over 1000 books (not sure, I have too many to count) and still have to read many of them. I hope this challenge will motivate me to read some books that have been on my shelves for years. I'm attempting the Mt. Ararat level and reading 48 books from my TBR pile. You can sign up for this challenge at My Reader's Block.

Books that cross over with other challenges:

1. The Cold One
2. The Listeners
3. Sati
4. Falling
5. The Blind Mirror
6. The Immortal
7. The Hollow Skull
8. Down on the Farm
9. The Light at the End
10. Sparrow Rock
11. Dead Sea
12. Ladies' Night
13. Come Out Tonight
14. Cry Wolf
15. Ghost Story
16. The Long Last Call
17. After Midnight
18. The House Next Door
19. Valentine
20. Cameron's Closet
21. Phantoms
22. Mother's Boys
23. The Wolfen
24. Coma
25. Burnt Offerings
26. Twins
27. The Glow
28. Horns
29. John Dies at the End
30. The Other
31. The Ridge
32. Silk
33. Thrall
34. Prodigal
35. Sineater
36. The Auctioneer
37. Smoke
38. Skin
39. Dead in the Water

Other books I've had on my bookshelf for a long time:

40. Dark Hollow by Brian Keene

41. Ghost Walk by Brian Keene

42. The Ceremonies by T.E.D. Klein 
43. The Drive-In by Joe Lansdale
44. Mirror by Graham Masterton
45. Valley of the Scarecrow by Gord Rollo
46. Baxter by Jessica Hamilton
47. The Elementals by Michael McDowell
48. The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson