Friday, March 9, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: Samson and Denial by Robert Ford

When a junkie brings a mummified head into Samson's pawnshop, he gives him a measly $20 for it, not knowing its true worth - and power. He quickly learns that he can use it to his advantage. His brother - and drug dealing partner - got involved with the Russian mafia, and therefore Samson, by extension. But with the help of the mummified head, he decides to take on the mob.

Samson and Denial is the best book I read in 2011. I may be mentioning this a bit late considering it's March 2012, but I've been too busy to blog lately and now that I have time I need to mention how great this novella is.

The story encompasses more than one genre. It's part crime drama, involving drugs and the Russian mob; part revenge thriller; part supernatural, featuring a shrunken head; and part gory horror. All these elements come together to create an exciting and unique plot. And at 126 action-packed pages, you can easily finish it in one sitting.

Samson manages to be a likable narrator despite being a drug dealer and owning a pawn shop where he pays desperate people practically nothing for their most valuable items.

Samson and Denial is a must-read for all horror fans - actually it's a novella for anyone who likes a quick, thrilling read. The Kindle edition is available for a mere $2.99.

Rating: 5/5