Monday, July 13, 2009

MOVIE REVIEW: Happy Birthday to Me

I've been wanting to see this movie for a long time, mainly because of its infamous death by shish kabob scene (see left). And thanks to FEARnet, I got to watch it online for free. I'm glad I did.

Happy Birthday to Me stars my namesake Melissa Sue Anderson (my parents liked Little House on the Prairie) as a young woman who finally fits in at her snotty school, Crawford Academy, gaining acceptance into the most exclusive clique the "Top 10." But being in the group isn't all it's cracked up to be since someone is offing them, one by one.

I loved this movie. Sure it's pretty cheesy at times, but so are most 80's slashers.

The plot had so many twists at times I had no idea what was going on. I had so many questions that I wanted to skip to the end so I could understand, but of course at the end everything is wrapped up in a neat little package. So I waited, trying to guess who the killer was (I was way off).

The characters in the Top 10 are the standard snobby rich kids, except for the main character who is a little different. Oh, and the nerdy kid who brings his pet rat to the pub and has an interest in taxidermy. It seems like the only reason he's in the Top 10 is so the others can make fun of him.... But I didn't mind because they're pretty much just there to die anyway.

I liked how the kills start with the norm (strangulation) and keep getting more and more creative (death by shish kabob) as the film goes on. Eventually they lead to a twisted ending.

Happy Birthday to Me is one of the most original slashers I've ever seen. It's definitely worth a viewing...especially since you can watch it online for free!

Rating: 5/5


Unknown said...

Gah, I need to see this but FearNet doesn't work here in Canada.

Do people really have "an interest in taxidermy"?!

Melissa Helwig said...

Hey I live in Canada and it works for me. That's weird.

Unknown said...

That's weird, I just assumed it didn't work for me...

I'll try again.

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