Monday, July 6, 2009

My Summer Goal

Seeing as how my hours at work got drastically cut back because of the recession, I have decided to come up with a goal to occupy my time. My goal for the summer (besides trying all of the 10 flavours of Slush Puppies at the corner store and getting a nice tan) is to watch every movie I own that I've never seen.

I know everyone is thinking that I can't possibly have enough movies to last the whole summer. Well you would be wrong. I have around 70 movies that I bought and haven't gotten around to watching yet.

I used to watch movies I bought as soon as I got home. But then I got a little backed up and it got way out of control. Now that I have time on my hands and no money to buy more movies I can finally watch all of them.

The picture on the left was my movie collection a few years back. It has at least doubled in size since that picture was taken.


Anonymous said...

You have THAT MANY movies?! I don't own anything that I haven't seen...good goal though - I look forward to reading your reviews.

- Zac

Melissa Helwig said...

Yeah, I know it's a lot. I'm kind of a shopaholic, mostly when it comes to DVDs and books. lol