Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MOVIE REVIEW: Just Before Dawn

I got this movie on VHS from a library book sale. Pretty cheap too, all I had to give was a donation. So I gave $10 for a box of books and a couple movies. The bottom picture on the left is my VHS copy. I didn't expect much judging from the cover art, which is just a drawing of a man with a knife standing in front of a tent. But the description on the back sounded promising.

Just Before Dawn is about five teens heading up in the mountains to camp for a weekend. Although a forest ranger warns them not to go up there, naturally they ignore him, and discover there's a killer in the woods.

The film has a pretty slow pace. After the initial murder scene to grab viewers nothing else happens for awhile. But it's very atmospheric and has a creepy soundtrack.

Also, there's not really any gore. Just a few people stabbed and a little bit of blood. Just Before Dawn leads more towards Deliverance than say Friday the 13th. It relies more on the atmosphere to creep you out instead of a bunch of gory deaths.

The standard slasher cliched characters make an appearance in this movie. I liked a couple of them, but most of them got on my nerves.

Overall, Just Before Dawn is an okay slasher. It's a bit slow and doesn't have much gore, but it makes up for that with its creepy atmosphere.

Rating: 3/5

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