Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My 100th Post!

Today I have reached my 100th post! Only 100 posts in over a year isn't very impressive, but whatever, I'm going to celebrate anyway. So today I'm going to take a look back at the best of the last 100 posts.


Number of movie reviews: 39
Number of book reviews: 13
Number of 5/5 ratings: 10
Number of 4/5 ratings: 19
Number of 3/5 ratings: 15
Number of 2/5 ratings: 1
Number of 1/5 ratings: 7
Number of movies purchased: 84

Judging by that I guess I should read more. And I'm lucky to watch more movies that I think are pretty good than movies that are awful. And I'm surprised that I only gave one movie a 2/5 rating. I guess I either think a movie is horrible or feel meh about it. I probably bought even more than 84 movies, but I only counted the ones I documented here.

Here are some random favourites of mine over the past 100 posts:

Best Death: Using someone's mouth to make a milkshake in The Toxic Avenger

Actually all the deaths in the kitchen scene in The Toxic Avenger are great. Deep fried hands and baked in a pizza oven!

Weirdest Thing I Learned: Freddy's 1-900 number

I had no idea that Freddy Krueger had a 1-900 number, or a number of other strange endorsements for that matter (including a Greatest Hits CD), which I learned from Charles Black's Five Favourite Nightmare on Elm Street Tie-In Products, a list featured in the book The Book of Lists: Horror. Check out the commercial:

Favourite Purchase(s): Clownhouse on DVD for $4 and Night of the Creeps on DVD

I was actually a bit disappointed by Clownhouse after all the hype, but at least if I decide I don't want it anymore I could sell it on eBay for $100. And one of my favourite horror movies of all time, Night of the Creeps, was released on DVD this past October.

Sexiest Psycho: Tom Hanniger a.k.a Jensen Ackles in My Bloody Valentine 3D

And this was in 3D so Jensen's face was only inches from mine!

Most Addictive T.V. Show: Scream Queens

In this reality show actresses competed for the chance to star in Saw VI, enduring horror movie themed acting challenges. My favourite won for once. I can't wait for the next season, which premieres in 2010.

Most Gruesome Passage in a Novel: "Under the intense light of the lamp, the inside of this chamber was still dark - mainly because every square inch of its walls were coated in blood so old and congealed it has long since turned to black. Covering the entire floor and creeping halfway up the walls in the sports directly below several disposal chutes, mounds of soggy red meat and pasty-yellow bones lay heaped in various stages of decay. Arms, legs, feet, hands, torsos and even a few bloated heads lay scattered around my feet. The level of carnage was astonishing, almost indescribable. It was as if someone detonated a bomb inside a room crowded with people, and then just walked away." From The Jigsaw Man by Gord Rollo.

Things to look forward to in the next 100 posts:

- Strange Magic by Gord Rollo
- New season of Scream Queens
- The Descent Part 2

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