Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sale at Rogers Video

Right now Rogers Video is having a sale on previously viewed DVDs. Buy 4 or more DVDs at $9.99 or less, save 40%, buy 3, save 30%, buy 2, save 20%.

I bought a few DVDs. I got Poultrygeist: Night of the Living Chicken, Dead Alive, Dance of the Dead, Trailer Park of Terror and the April Fool's Day remake for $6 each and Death Tunnel for $3. I watched Poultrygeist as soon as I got home and thought it was hilarious (review to come). And I thought Dance of the Dead was amazing. I have yet to watch the others, but hopefully they'll be good as well.

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Unknown said...

I liked the April Fool's Day remake and Death Tunnel, I haven't seen Poultrygeist or Dead Alive but I dislike the other two! :D