Sunday, August 9, 2009

MOVIE NEWS: Horror Classics Coming to DVD

Three awesome horror classics are finally going to be released on DVD, Night of the Creeps, The Stepfather and Happy Birthday to Me.

Night of the Creeps

This is one of my favourite horror movies of all time and I can't wait to get it on DVD. I have a crappy copy of it that I taped off of T.V years ago and now I'll finally get to watch it without having to fast forward through commercials. It will be released October 20.

In this campy chiller, a college couple, in 1959, see an object plummet to Earth like a meteor. The boy accidentally swallows a space-slug that shoots out. In 1986, two freshmen roam the campus and stumble across the corpse of the boy who swallowed the space-slug. Once thawed out, the corpse comes to life.

The Stepfather

With the remake opening on October 16, the original is being released on DVD a few days before, on October 13. The special features on the DVD include a commentary with director Joseph Ruben and The Stepfather Chronicles, a retrospective featuring interviews with people involved in the making of the film.

Jerry Blake (Terry O Quinn, Lost) is a man obsessed with having the perfect American Dream life: including the house with the white picket fence in the suburbs, an adoring wife and loving children. He believes he has found it when he marries Susan Maine and becomes the stepfather to her 16-year-old daughter, Stephanie. But Stephanie gets an uneasy feeling when she is around Jerry with his Father Knows Best attitude: she can see that there is a darker side behind his cheerful exterior. Could she just be going through the typical teenager rebellion against her new stepfather, or is he actually the same man who brutally murdered his family just one year earlier?

Happy Birthday to Me

This slasher is already on DVD, but they changed the soundtrack for it. Now it's going to be released on October 13 with the original soundtrack. I reviewed this a few weeks back and thought it was one of the most original slashers I've ever seen.

Happy Birthday to Me stars my namesake Melissa Sue Anderson (my parents liked Little House on the Prairie) as a young woman who finally fits in at her snotty school, Crawford Academy, gaining acceptance into the most exclusive clique the "Top 10." But being in the group isn't all it's cracked up to be since someone is offing them, one by one.

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