Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I've been wanting to see Rogue for awhile and I finally got to when my mom bought it for $4.99 while I was camping. It was directed by Greg Mclean, who also directed Wolf Creek. I thought Wolf Creek was pretty good and I like killer crocodile movies so I was expecting this to be good as well. And it was.

An American travel writer (Michael Vartan) goes on a river tour while on assignment in Australia. When the boat is sunk by a gigantic crocodile, the passengers are trapped on a small island soon to be enveloped by the tide. The group desperately tries to get off the island, while the crocodile picks them off one by one.

The plot is pretty much the same as all killer croc movies, but Rogue takes place in the middle of nowhere, making it creepier than say Lake Placid. And the whole idea of the island being slowly swallowed as the tide rises adds to the creepiness.

The atmosphere was eerie. When the crocodile picks off a victim, it does it so quietly and quickly that they don't even have time to scream. And most of the film takes place after the sun goes down, so the only light comes from flashlights.

The action doesn't really start until about 20 minutes in, but once it does it doesn't stop. The crocodile keeps grabbing people off the island, making you wonder who will be next.

Not all of the characters are likeable, but they're all realistic. Some are dumb and some are smart. For instance they come up with a plan to tie a rope to a tree on the other side of the river and climb across it. But of course one guy can't wait for his turn and jumps on the rope when there's already a few people on it. And the woman in the front freezes while the other people on the line wait for her.

Rogue was a pretty creepy film and I would recommend it to all horror/ killer animal movie enthusiasts. It made me never want to go on a river tour, that's for sure.



ZedWord said...

You're the second person I've heard from who like this movie. My podcast co-host loaned me Wolf Creek, so maybe I should check out Rouge as well instead of avoiding it

Melissa Helwig said...

Yeah, you should check it out. It's pretty good.