Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Acquisitions

I'm on vacation again, going camping tomorrow. Right now I'm at my parents' house. Today I went to the Keady Market, which is a flea/produce/livestock market, 20 minutes from my parents' house. They had at least five different used movie vendors, so I ended up buying a bunch of movies. Mostly VHS because they were only $1.00 each. One of them is still in its packaging and still has the price sticker on it: $13.99. I can barely remember when VHS movies cost that much. Here's what I got:

Santa's Slay

This was the only DVD I bought and it was only $6.99. My brother pointed it out to me because he knows I like horror and it has Bill Goldberg in it and he used to be really into wrestling. I saw part of this on T.V and thought it was pretty funny. And I love humourous horror - and holiday horror. The rest of the movies I got on VHS for $1.00.

Jason Goes to Hell

I think this is the only Friday the 13th movie I don't already have.

Campfire Tales

I rented this ages ago when I was camping and remember liking it. I can't wait to watch it again when I go camping this week. It has a lot of people in it before they became famous like Amy Smart and James Marsden.

Witchboard 2

I have the first one and the third one and now I'll finally get to see the second one.

Ghoulies III and Ghoulies IV

I just bought the first and second ones last week and now I'll have them all.

Sometimes They Come Back For More

I have the first two, but I haven't seen this one yet. Sometimes They Come Back is one of my favourite Stephen King adaptions, so hopefully this one will be good as well.

The Evil Dead 2

I've been looking for this movie on VHS since I already have The Evil Dead and Army of Darkness on VHS also. I try to have all of one series on either DVD or VHS, but that rarely happens. For example, I have all of the Halloween series on VHS, except for Halloween: H20. It kind of sucks because I have a separate shelf for VHS and DVDs, so I can't put them all together.

The Clown Murders

A horror movie with John Candy!

The Hitcher

I've only seen the crap remake of this, but I still want to see the original.


I couldn't find a picture of this and forgot the cord for my camera at home. The tagline is what intrigued me about this movie: This year in New York, 76,336 women will get married...282 will be murdered.

I think this post is getting too long so I'll just list the rest:


Poltergeist II

Poltergeist III

Demons 2

Return to Horror High

Slaughter High


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