Wednesday, January 7, 2009

T.V. REVIEW: 13: Fear is Real

Fear is boring, apparently. Or that is what I've deducted from the new reality series 13: Fear is Real which premiered on the CW tonight.

The premise of the show is that the 13 contestants are dumped in the Louisiana bayou and have the chance to win $66,666, but have to endure torture and horrors first. They also need to be careful because each week a contestant is "killed" off.

For the first competition, the contestants pair up and one is blindfolded and tied to a chair in the middle of the swamp at night. The other partner has to find them and the last ones back to the cabin have to go through the elimination competition.

Lauren and Kelly, the only all-girl team, come in last. They have to be buried alive and the first one to dig herself out wins. Kelly gets out and Lauren is left in the coffin die. Or we are supposed to assume she died.

13: Fear is Real was excruciatingly boring. 3/4 of the episode was devoted to introducing the contestants, listing off their fears or claiming how competitive they are and why they're going to win the money. The rest of the episode played like The Blair Witch Project or a bad episode of Scare Tactics; just people running around screaming and crying. That definitely does not make entertaining T.V.

This reality series really does remind me of Scare Tactics. (If you haven't seen Scare Tactics, it's a prank show where they try to scare people.) A bunch of people enter into competitions designed to frighten them. Unfortunately, it doesn't frighten the viewers. Sure it may be scary to them while they're experiencing it, but watching someone running around screaming and crying is not scary.

I thought I would give 13:Fear is Real a second chance, but after writing this and thinking back to how dull it was, I think I might skip it. If "reality" isn't scary, I think I'll just stick with my fiction.

Rating: 1/5

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