Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I also finally got around to seeing Red this past weekend. It's yet another film based on a book by Jack Ketchum. I enjoyed the book, so I was hoping I would enjoy the film as well. I did.

During an attempted robbery, three teens shoot a man's dog for kicks. But that dog was the best thing in Avery Ludlow's life and he's not going to let them get away with it. He wants justice for Red and he's going to get it no matter what it takes.

The film was very faithful to the book, only changing a few details. They changed the ending slightly and changed the characters a bit, but that was about it. Also, everything in the movie was exactly how I pictured it in the book. Even some of the actors were how I pictured them. I was addicted to Veronica Mars at the time, so I pictured the brothers as two brothers on the show, and one of them (Kyle Gallner) was in the movie.

It also stars Brian Cox, Tom Sizemore and Robert Englund. Brian Cox gives an amazing performance as Avery Ludlow, making you really feel for him. Lucky McKee (May) directed it and did a great job, just as he did with May. I hope he does more projects because I've loved all his films I've seen so far.

It is more of a drama/ suspense rather than a horror film. There isn't any gore. There isn't much action and it moves a little slow at times. But it still keeps you interested, wanting to know how Ludlow will get justice.

Red was a great film and was equally as good as the book. It is sad (a dog dies after all), but it has a happy ending. This movie will really get to you, especially if you're an animal lover.

Rating: 4/5


venoms5 said...

Excellent review, Melissa! I am definitely renting this the weekend. I should have picked it up this evening when I took THE WOLFMAN back (which I didn't even finish). I'm definitely an animal lover and the trailer for this looked really good.

Melissa Helwig said...

Thanks. I don't think you'll be disappointed by Red. It's probably my favourite Ketchum adaptation.