Friday, March 12, 2010

MOVIE REVIEW: Dog Soldiers

A group of soldiers training in the Scottish Highlands encounters a pack of werewolves. They meet a zoologist and all take refuge in an abandoned house to try to survive until the sun comes up. What happens when men who are trained to fight humans face a monster?

The pace of Dog Soldiers is insanely fast. After the first gory scene of the movie, there is only about 15 minutes establishing the plot before the soldiers meet the werewolves. And despite the film almost entirely taking place inside a house, it's never boring.

The werewolves are different than the ones featured in all the films I have reviewed so far. Instead of simply being a wild beast, these werewolves are intelligent and work together, making them more terrifying.

The film is pretty gory. There's a dog playing tug of war with a man's intestines, a head decapitated and a stomach super glued together, just to name a few.

I didn't care much for the characters and even though each solider was introduced, I had difficulty keeping straight who was who because there wasn't much to differentiate them.

Dog Soldiers was written and directed by Neil Marshall, who went on to make another great film, The Descent. This is definitely a film to check out.

Rating: 4/5


Will Errickson said...

Loved this one. Another movie that, when people say, "They just don't make horror movies like they used to," I laugh at their ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Eh. Might have been better if I could actually have seen (or cared about) what was happening in the badly handled action sequences. Too much confusion, not enough well-paced suspense or shocks. All up I'd give it 2.5/5, tops.

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