Tuesday, March 2, 2010

5 Reasons Maximum Overdrive Rocks

Stephen King has described his directorial debut as a "moron movie" and also said that he was "coked out of my mind all through its production, and I really didn't know what I was doing." But Cujo is my favourite King book and in On Writing he wrote that he "barely remembers writing it at all," so I don't really think him being "coked out" matters much and that it was a pretty lame excuse. But it doesn't really matter because I love Maximum Overdrive. I watched it recently after not seeing it for years and here are 5 Reasons I think Maximum Overdrive Rocks and everyone should give it a chance.


"Honey! Come on over here, Sugar Buns! This machine just called me an asshole!" Hands down the best King cameo ever. If an ATM did that to me I would die laughing. I now hopefully wait for it to happen whenever I use one. I also love how the news ticker in the front of the building says FUCK YOU!


The Mighty Duck man himself.

3. Pop can to the groin

In one scene, a baseball coach approaches a pop machine and it starts hurling out pop cans, slamming one into his groin, reminding me of that episode of The Simpsons where Hans Moleman enters his movie Man Getting Hit By Football in Springfield's film festival. It made me (and the kids on the baseball team) laugh hysterically. But it's not so funny when a can slams into his head, leaving a gory mess....

4. Kickass AC/DC soundtrack

AC/DC's album Who Made Who was the soundtrack for Maximum Overdrive, the entire film being comprised of their songs, including the title song Who Made Who and classics like Hells Bells and You Shook Me All Night Long.

5. Yeardley Smith

Oh, speaking of The Simpsons, Yeardley Smith has a role in this film. If you close your eyes, you would swear Lisa Simpson has a role in this movie, which is pretty sweet.


Anonymous said...

Ahh, I haven't seen this movie in YEARS. I'm really going to have to revisit it soon. I'm glad you mentioned the pop-can-to-the-cranium death scene. For some reason, that one really haunted me as a child...


Fear Street said...

I used to LOVE this movie! I haven't seen it in years...

I like Yeardley Smith, but I wanted to kill her character. She just wouldn't shut up :s

tj said...

Recipe For Awesome

1.Take Anything

2. Add AC/DC

3. Done

Melissa Helwig said...

Yeah I thought the pop can death was pretty sick...and there's a bunch of kids lying dead in the baseball field and then that kid gets run over by a steamroller..ick.

OMG I totally agree about Yeardley Smith being irritating. She just kept screeching the entire film. I just wanted to include her because she's Lisa Simpson.

Haha yeah so true about AC/DC.

The whole movie is on YouTube, but it's pretty crappy quality.