Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So I just went on the FEARnet website to watch a movie and all that comes up is a black screen saying: "The video you are trying to watch cannot be viewed from your current country or location." Um, I've been watching movies on FEARnet since I discovered it in JULY! And suddenly in October I can't watch them anymore because I live in Canada.

Canadians get gypped when it comes to horror T.V. Our horror channel Scream just changed to Dusk, a thriller/suspense channel, while Americans get Chiller and SyFy. And just look at this post from the awesome blog Day of the Woman. She gives a rundown of the Halloween horror movie marathons on American television. SyFy is having 31 Days of Halloween, ABC Family is airing 13 Nights of Halloween, TCM is showing 48 Hours of Horror and AMC has Fearfest.

Here's what Canadians have to look forward to. Our version of the SyFy channel, Space will be airing The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake and Halloween II on October 31. Dusk has a few okay movies playing during the week before Halloween. I'll probably watch Terror Train and The Watcher in the Woods. On Halloween night CTV will be showing The Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Mothman Prophecies. The rest of the Canadian channels I looked at didn't have their schedules for October 31 up yet, but none of them are showing horror movies this week. Why can't any Canadian channels have Halloween movie marathons like the American channels listed above?

Sorry, for the rant. My point is that FEARnet was the one place I could actually watch horror movies but now I can't. Oh well I guess I buy enough horror DVDs to watch anyway. I'm just going to make my own horror movie marathon. That's what I usually do anyway, but it would be nice to have a few good movies on T.V. to watch. I'll have to choose which ones I'm going to watch and post my list later.

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