Saturday, October 31, 2009

MOVIE REVIEW: Trick 'r Treat

Trick 'r Treat was FINALLY released this month. Tons of horror fans have been waiting a looooong time for its release, especially with Halloween here, but does it live up to the hype?

This anthology is comprised of five segments. The first is about a woman who hates Halloween so she doesn't observe certain Halloween rituals. The second involves a man who seems like your average father, handing out candy and carving a pumpkin with his son, but he isn't. The third is about a group of kids who invite an outcast girl to visit the scene of a horrible accident that happened years ago. The fourth is about a young woman headed to a party to lose her virginity. The fifth is about a grouchy old man who refuses to give candy to trick or treaters.

The first segment isn't actually a segment, but more like an opener and closer to the film. I loved the second segment, but I thought it was too short. The third segment was definitely the best, being very creepy and atmospheric, although predictable. I didn't enjoy the fourth story at all. I thought it was dull and predictable. The fifth segment was pretty good, being all about Sam (the spirit of Halloween).

I didn't like how the film jumped around from character to character, especially when introducing them because it was a bit confusing. Although I liked how all the stories took place in the same town and were intertwined, I think it would've been easier to follow if each story was told all at once; instead of showing half of one, then another, and then back to the first.

Even though it's a bit confusing in the beginning and one of the segments isn't very good, it's still a great film to watch on Halloween. Especially since it encompasses everything Halloween is about: candy, jack-o-lanterns, costume parties and more.

Rating: 4/5


venoms5 said...

I agree, I'd say this was, so far at least, the ultimate Halloween movie. I loved it and thought the overlapping stories was a nice change of pace in relation to how anthologies normally play out. So sad that it took so long to come out! It would have been a good movie to see on the big screen.

Melissa Helwig said...

Yeah, I'll probably end up watching this every Halloween. It's too bad it wasn't released in theatres. That would've been a good movie to go see at Halloween.