Sunday, October 25, 2009

Horror DVD Overload

This year I hit up a bunch of different stores to check out their horror DVD displays and spent way too much money. Here's what I got at each store and how much they cost:


Zellers has a bunch of DVDs for $2.99. They have that all year long, so it's not a big deal, but they have more horror movies than usual. But most of them are straight to DVD crap, like most of the ones I bought.

Twisted Sisters $2.99
Blood Trails $2.99
Demonic $2.99
Cry Wolf $2.99
Cut $2.99
Return to House on Haunted Hill $5.99
Saw II $2.99


Walmart had an awesome display of DVDs (with the exception of the 100's of Twilight DVDs). But they just set it up about a week ago (I went there a few times in early October) and it's already pretty picked over. The shelves were practically empty, but I managed to pick up a few things....

Amityville II: The Possession $6
Amityville 3-D $6
Candyman 2: Farewell to the Flesh $6
Swamp Thing $6
Child's Play $6
Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers $5
Graveyard Shift $5
Silver Bullet $5


I received a $50 HMV gift card for my birthday, so I will probably buy more DVDs before Halloween. Most of their horror display is comprised of the Saw series (which are $6 each) and The Horror Legacy Series and The Horror Society: Horror Film Series, which are repackaged classics for $10 each. Check out this article for the full list of films. They also have a few DVDs being sold at $6.66.

Happy Birthday to Me $9.99
Saw $6
The Stuff $6
Twilight Zone: The Movie $8

The Beat Goes On

I also received a $50 Beat Goes On gift card for my birthday. I usually just buy DVDs from the cheap bin because a lot of the movies there are pretty expensive considering they're used. All the DVDs I want the most are on my Beat Goes On wishlist, and their website e-mails you when it comes in stock. I just ordered 2001 Maniacs from their website.

Amityville 4: The Evil Escapes $3.99
The Breed $4.99

The Bargain Shop

My mom took me here to buy me a pair of jeans for my birthday and she also ended up buying me these two DVDs and a DVD shelf (which I have already filled). They have a bunch of 2 for $10 DVDs.

Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare $5
The Dark Half $5

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