Tuesday, October 9, 2012

BOOK NEWS: Red Rain by R.L. Stine

Today R.L. Stine's new adult novel, Red Rain, was released. This is his fourth adult novel - the first three being Superstitious, Eye Candy and The Sitter. Here's what it's about:

Before there was J. K. Rowling, before there was Stephenie Meyer or Suzanne Collins, there was R.L. Stine. Witty, creepy, and compulsively readable, his books defined horror for a generation of young readers— readers who have now come of age. In Red Rain, Stine uses his unerring knack for creating terror to tap into some very grownup fears. Travel writer Lea Sutter finds herself on a small island off the coast of South Carolina, the wrong place at the wrong time. A merciless, unanticipated hurricane cuts a path of destruction through the island and Lea barely escapes with her life.

In the storm’s aftermath, she discovers two orphaned boys—twins. Filled with a desire to do something to help, to make something good of all she witnessed, Lea impulsively decides to adopt them. The boys, Samuel and Daniel, seem amiable and immensely grateful; Lea’s family back on Long Island—husband Mark, a child psychologist, and their two children, Ira and Elena—aren’t quite so pleased. But even they can’t anticipate the twins’ true nature—or predict that, within a few weeks’ time, Mark will wind up implicated in two brutal murders, with the police narrowing in.

 For the millions of readers who grew up on Goosebumps, and for every fan of deviously inventive horror, this is a must-read from a beloved master of the genre.

Since I am obviously a huge R.L. Stine fan, I cannot wait to read this. Hopefully I will receive it for my birthday (which is coming up soon) because I will not be shelling out the $17.81 for the Kindle edition. Especially when I could get the hardcover for the same price.

There's a great R.L. Stine retrospective at best-horror-movies.com in honor of Stine's 69th birthday (which he celebrated on October 8) and the 20th anniversary of Goosebumps.

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Fear Street said...

I cannot believe I forgot Stine's b-day..SHAME.

Anyway, this book sounds pretty interesting and I can't pass up Stine.