Sunday, February 7, 2010

R.L. STINE BOOK OF THE WEEK:Fear Street: Secret Admirer

Someone loves her to death.

From the back cover:

Her number-one fan

Selena is on top of the world. Her acting career at Shadyside High is blossoming - everyone admires her. So when she starts receiving bouquets of black flowers from a person called "The Sun," she treats them like a joke.

But Selena soon realizes that this is no laughing matter. Her understudy is injured in a suspicious accident. Then a speeding car nearly kills her. Selena knows "The Sun" is responsible.

And that her number-one fan has become her number-one nightmare.

My thoughts:

I'm taking a break from Women in Horror Recognition Month to do my favourite post of the week, R.L. Stine Book of the Week.

I actually couldn't guess the killer this time. Well I did initially, but then I was thrown off the trail by every single character acting weird and suspicious. There was a point in the novel where I suspected Katy (Selena's best girl friend), Jake Jacoby (Selena's best guy friend, awesome name, right?), Danny (Selena's ex boyfriend), Eddy (Selena's new boyfriend) and even Selena herself ( I thought maybe she could be nuts and sending herself black flowers for attention or something). Since I suspected everyone, I wasn't really shocked when the killer was revealed.

Not much happens in Secret Admirer. Basically just what is stated on the back cover. Selena gets black flowers sent to her, creepy notes, a few accidents where people end up a bit bruised and one murder.

I couldn't stand Selena. She kept being described as a once-fat girl who is now skinny and popular, but the only two people she talks to are her childhood friends Katy and Jake. I don't understand where her popularity comes into play. Haven't they heard of the term "drama geek"? And everyone accused her of being self-centered, arrogant and bitchy. But she wasn't any of these things because she was completely devoid of personality.

And Selena's new boyfriend Eddy was insanely creepy. He knew tons of information about her before she told him anything and although she thought this was strange, she didn't care because he was so cute. Later, the explanation for him knowing all this stuff about her is he had a crush on her when she was a freshman. Yeah, because when you have a crush on someone, you find out as much about them as you can and then you dazzle them with all your stalkerish information on your first date.

I didn't mind this book, but it loses major points for dull and moronic main character Selena and her creepy, stalker boyfriend.

Rating: 2/5

PG-13 Gore/Dead Animal of the Week: "The rat lay in a puddle of brown wrapping paper near the door.
The dead rat.
Already half-decayed. Its wiry legs stiff. Its patchy fur matted. Its head...
Its head chewed to a pulp. Chewed by a cat or some other animal.
A headless dead rat."

Body Count: 1

Next week: Fear Street: Broken Hearts

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