Sunday, February 28, 2010

Other Notable Women Horror Authors

Today is the last day of Women in Horror Recognition Month. I'm sorry I didn't get around to reviewing as many horror books by women authors as I planned. But I did read eight books this month, which is a record for me. I think I read 12 books in total last year - I'm addicted to T.V. and the internet. Here's a list of women horror authors that I didn't get around to reading. For lists of more women horror authors, check out my reviews of Women of Darkness and Women of Darkness II and the 2009 Bram Stoker Award Preliminary Ballot.

Anne Rice - I secretly hate vampires, which is why I didn't read any Anne Rice books this month. I read half of Interview With the Vampire for my Living With the Undead elective in college, but I just couldn't finish it. I was thinking of trying her witch series. Has anyone read those books? If so, what did you think?

Mary Shelley - The author of Frankenstein, which I haven't read yet (horrible, I know), but I found a website where you can download the e-book for free.

Shirley Jackson - Author of horror staple The Haunting of Hill House, which I recently checked out from the library and will hopefully have a review of soon. Interestingly, the copy I got was re-named The Haunting after the horrid movie based on the novel and uses the film's poster as the book cover. Because a classic like The Haunting of Hill House really needs help from a crappy movie to sell copies....

Tabitha King - The wife of Stephen King is also a horror author. I have her books The Trap
and Small World and planned on reviewing them this month, but never got around to it. I'll try to review them soon.

Sarah Langan - I reviewed Audrey's Door, which I though was great, not too long ago and am currently reading The Keeper, which is crazy creepy so far.

Alexandra Sokoloff - I had actually never heard of Sokoloff until I read this interview, but all her novels sound intriguing. She is the author of The Harrowing, The Price and The Unseen.

Tamara Thorne - Author of novels Thunder Road, Haunted, The Forgotten, Eternity, Moonfall, Bad Things, The Sorority: Eve, The Sorority: Merilynn, The Sorority: Samantha and Candle Bay.

Mary Sangiovanni - Author of novels The Hollower and Found You.

V.C. Andrews - I guess only her books up to Dark Angel qualify as novels for Women in Horror Month since Andrew Neiderman became her ghostwriter after she passed away. I don't really consider V.C. Andrews to be horror, which is why I didn't review any of her novels this month. Her novels are often described as "gothic horror", but I think her novels are more Jacqueline Susann-ish, having lots of soap opera drama, except darker and with more incest. Her novels do have some gothic horror qualities, but I think the soap opera drama and romance elements outweigh them.

Laurell K. Hamilton
- I've never actually read any paranormal romance novels before, but it has become such a popular genre that I thought I should include an author from it. I like romance and horror separately, but I'm not sure if I would like them together. Does anyone have any paranormal romance recommendations?


Sadako said...

So with you on Anne Rice. Got through Interview but have tried Vampire Lestat, never made it. I WANTED to like it. I thought gothic vampires sounded so romantic but the books were so dull and the vamps so emo and full of themselves.

Ugh, hate when there are movie tie ins to terrible movies like Haunting of Hill House. Great book, though. I felt the same way about Psycho (the book) using a movie still from the remake on its cover.

vamp_slayer said...

I've read most of the authors, as I am a lover of all things that go bump in the night.

Heather Graham writes chilling tales with a touch of romance thrown in. You could try her. Jennifer Armintrout (mostly writes about vampires) is a good writer too. And I LOVE "THE IRON HUNT" by Marjorie M. Liu, who is an amazing writer.

I'd love to follow your blog. No FOLLOW button on your side-bar? :-(

Melissa Helwig said...

Wtf, they used a still from the crappy Psycho remake on the cover? Haha that's stupid.

Thanks for the recommendations WriterGurl, I'll check them out. I just added a follow button on my sidebar for you. :)