Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MOVIE REVIEW: 13: Game of Death

Remember that reality show Fear Factor where contestants would perform crazy stunts and eat disgusting things to win a whopping $50,000?

Well, 13: Game of Death is like that show crossed with a Saw film. But instead of getting a new lease on life after you've finished your gruesome challenges, you win one million dollars.

Chad just got fired from his job and is deeply in debt. When he gets a call from a stranger offering him one million dollars in exchange for completing 13 challenges, his money problems are solved. ...If he can push aside his morals to do horrible, difficult and disgusting things, that is.

But with the exception of a few challenges, the film isn't gory. There was a lot of potential for crazy gore scenes because essentially the story-line is about forcing Chad to do the most gruesome things imaginable (he is getting a million dollars out of it, after all), but the film doesn't deliver.

The film is more of a drama with a few gory scenes thrown in, making the pace sporadic. There would be an exciting challenge, then a dull one, then another exciting one. I found it hard to pay attention the whole time because it is very boring at times.

And the big "twist" ending is a big disappointment. It's not that I saw it coming, I just didn't think it was interesting because there was only three minutes of back-story to explain it.

13: Game of Death has an interesting concept, but I would've enjoyed it more if it had been 100% horror. This is a Thai film and the version I watched was badly dubbed, so if you decide to check this one out make sure you watch the subtitled version.

Rating: 2/5


Jenn said...

I actually liked this movie! The scene where he eats the, well you know, stuck with me.

Anonymous said...

I just gave you the Versatile Blogger Award! http://trickortreatpete.blogspot.com/2010/07/deadly-serious-is-versitile-blog.html
Dreaded Dreams
Petunia Scareum

Anonymous said...

You are most welcome. Hope you are doing ok, sweetie.
Petunia Scareum

Anonymous said...

You watched the dubbed version?

Christ - that always ruin films - without exception.

I saw this - loved it. More smart and self-parodying than all of Hollywood put together. Fantastically funny at times - and paid homage to several other movies loudly without losing its own kinetic sparks.

Want gore - go and watch a French movie instead. Not as much fun though.

Dubbed? Jeeeesssuuuusss.....

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Brant-good to see you dude! We should get together for a beer sometime. Hope you're doing well man!

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