Tuesday, May 18, 2010

MOVIE REVIEW: Mortuary (Horror Collector's Set Part 2)

Alfalfa (Bug Hall) from The Little Rascals movie (1994) plays a punk/zombie in Mortuary, which excited me because I adored that movie when I was growing up. Unfortunately, that is the only excitement I felt during the film. I don't know what happened to Tobe Hooper, but he is no longer reliable as a horror director. From now on I will proceed with caution on all his projects.

Leslie Doyle and her two children, Jonathan and Jamie, move to a small town so she can take over as mortician at the Fowler Funeral Home and cemetery. But there's a town rumour about the Fowler family and their son, Bobby. As the story goes, Bobby is horribly deformed and supposedly murdered his parents. Now he lives in a tomb, only coming out at night. Soon the Doyles realize that the story isn't just town gossip.

There were a few so-bad-it's-good scenes in the film, but not enough to make it good, so it's basically just a bad film. Seeing the mortician mother onscreen was usually good for a laugh. Especially her attempts to embalm dead bodies while consulting her medical text.

The plot is the same old zombie plot with a few weird quirks - such as zombies puking on people to turn them into other zombies.

The acting isn't bad. The film features a few horror movie veterans like Denise Crosby (Pet Sematary) and Lee Garlington (Psycho II & III).

Mortuary is pretty awful, but at least it's not as bad as Bloody Mary.

Rating: 2/5

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