Monday, May 17, 2010

MOVIE REVIEW: Bloody Mary (Horror Collector's Set Part 1)

The Easter Bunny left this DVD in my Easter basket this year. And he left the Wal-Mart sticker on it, so I know it only cost $5.00, which I think is a steal for four films...well depending on how good they are.... The DVD is called "Horror Collector's Set" and it includes Wages of Sin, Mortuary, Memory and Bloody Mary. This week I plan on watching and reviewing all of them. There are several other DVDs in this series of 4-pack horror films which you can view here.

I watched Bloody Mary first because I wanted to see how it compared to Dead Mary, another film that borrows the Bloody Mary legend, which I watched last week. It is much worse, which is saying something because I didn't enjoy Dead Mary much.

When Natalie's sister, Nicole, disappears, she starts her own investigation leading her to something called "The Mirror Game," which supposedly summons Bloody Mary. Could it have something to do with Nicole's disappearance?

The plot of Bloody Mary is cliched and dull. I don't know why they keep making movies with the Bloody Mary legend, because it has already been done so many times. If you're going to make a film using Bloody Mary, at least give it an original spin, like Candyman or the Biggie Smalls episode of South Park.

The only character I could keep straight was Natalie (maybe because she was a brunette), all of Nicole's friends were blonde sorority girls and they all looked identical to me. And the acting is atrocious. Usually I don't even notice bad acting thanks to a lifetime of B movies, soap operas and teenybopper dramas on the WB, but I could barely stand to watch these people "act." They show no emotion.

But the worst part of this film is the gratuitous nudity. I'm not new to horror movies and I know they all show naked women, but in Bloody Mary the reasoning behind it is just absurd. I already mentioned how the girls play "The Mirror Game," but I never explained what it entails. The girl in question has to strip buck naked and then repeat "I believe in Bloody Mary" in the mirror. Why do they have to be naked? "Because that's how it's done," explains Blonde #1. But I have a better reason: because they needed an excuse for them to get naked.

The gore is the only descent part of this film, featuring gouged eyeballs and mirrors exploding in people's faces. But I never watch a film just to see gore, so I would recommend skipping this one.

Rating: 1/5


Jessica Penot said...

It sounds like this might be a good one to skip.

Scare Sarah said...

Good review. I love urban genends but they have been done to death mostly.

Scare Sarah said...

I mean "legends" LEGENDS!!!

Melissa Helwig said...

Jessica - Yeah, I would highly recommend skipping this one.

Sarah - Thanks. Yeah, I love urban legends too, that's why I keep watching movies about them. But I'm almost always disappointed.

Jeremy [Retro] said...

for a buck and a quarter each movie... awesome...

Melissa Helwig said...

Yeah a pretty good price, but almost all of the movies sucked so I don't know if it's worth it.