Monday, January 25, 2010


Since every horror film made in a different language has to be Americanized and remade in the U.S., the Filipino film, Sigaw (meaning "Scream" in English) was made into The Echo.

When a young man (Jesse Bradford) moves into his deceased mother's apartment after being released from prison, he intervenes when a police officer is abusing his wife and child. But after that, things get much worse....

The plot was cliched and has been done dozens of times. And the film was slooooowwww. Nothing - creepy or otherwise - happens until 20 minutes before the end. And by that time I was fast asleep. But I got woken up to see the "scary" ghosts at the end, which weren't scary or creepy in the least.

The one good thing about the film was Jesse Bradford (Swimfan). He looked very sexy in this film. I love when films have a final guy instead of a final girl because there are so few. But even that couldn't save this horribly dull film.

Rating: 1/5

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Andrew Gardner said...

That is rare, to leave a guy behind instead of a chick! I may not watch enough thrillers, but I'm glad you steered me away from that one.

Do a review of Popcap Games' "Zombies Versus Plants"!!!

I'm on the right track here!