Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So, a 12-year-old girl made a zombie movie. I can't believe it. When I was 12, I was chasing boys and having slumber parties, and here this girl is making a movie. And Zombie Girl is a documentary about her making the film.

The documentary follows Emily Hagins over the two years it took - with the help of her mother - to make her full-length zombie film, Pathogen, which she wrote and directed. Zombie Girl shows more than just a zombie flick being made. It's also a mother-daughter story, showing how making Pathogen bonds Emily and her mother.

While I would have thought a documentary about the making of any zombie film would be interesting, this one was really fascinating because Emily is 12. She does practically everything by herself; she wrote the script, directed it, filmed it and edited it, with a little help from her mom. And she does all this while trying to balance school, homework and friends.

I loved the interviews with all the actors in the film and Emily herself. Some made me laugh (like the boy saying he liked his character because he's a dick) and some things they said I totally agreed with (like slow zombies vs. running zombies). Overall, most of the interviews are interesting, but there are a lot from filmmakers talking about making movies, which are a bit dull.

From the clips of Pathogen featured in Zombie Girl, it looks pretty spectacular. And you can buy a copy of the DVD on Emily's website for only $8! Check out the trailer and see for yourself:

Emily has already made her second film, The Retelling, which is a ghost story.

Rating: 4/5

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